ARAMARK Launches Comprehensive Composting Site at Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim, CA (May 12, 2011) – ARAMARK and the Anaheim Convention Center have teamed up to create the next phase of their sustainability plan, an extensive composting program. The compost site, located on the Convention Center campus, provides a positive and sustainable solution for the hundreds of pounds of trash and food scraps discarded after conventions, meetings and trade shows at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The new ARAMARK composite site is part of the Anaheim Convention Center’s major recycling center and is furnished with the latest equipment to recycle compostable waste, plastic, glass, office paper, used kitchen oils, discarded electronics and cardboard. The composite machine takes in food scraps such as coffee grounds, fruit, egg shells, protein and paper and turns them into rich concentrated soil that is a perfect ingredient to enhance plants and flowers. The compost formula is 85% (250 lbs) kitchen/dining scraps and 15% uncoated paper, cardboard and/or green waste such as lawn trimmings to result in 25 lbs of sterile biomass that can be used for landscaping. The process takes 12-15 hours.  The rich compost soil is then provided to the city of Anaheim’s landscaping team and is utilized throughout the Anaheim Resort district to fortify its gardens and lush landscaping.

Jim Tripp, General Manager of ARAMARK noted, “We are very proud of our leadership role as a sustainable food service company and what we’ve been able to accomplish with our partners at the Anaheim Convention Center. We consider recycling and composting a major part of our sustainability program and the next step in the process of bringing it all full-circle. ARAMARK believes in providing the highest quality food, inventive cuisine and dining experiences and exceptional customer service, all the while giving back to the community and sustaining and protecting our planet’s finite resources. “

The Anaheim Convention Center has a LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It is one of only 14 convention centers to earn this prestigious distinction. LEED is the USGBC’s leading rating system for designing, constructing and operating the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings.

Maintaining a comprehensive recycling site on the Convention Center premises enhances the venues LEED status as leader in energy and environmental design.

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