Certificate of Appreciation

IVS receives Certificate of Appreciation from United States Army

IVS receives Certificate of Appreciation from United States Army

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Looking At Food Waste in America A Problem and a Challenge

food.waste.dumpRecent estimates are up to 40 percent of all the vegetables grown by America’s farms are never actually consumed and end up wasted. This is a problem on many levels including the social and humanitarian with food insecurity and hunger not going away, the economic for obvious reasons, and the environmental because of where the wasted food often ends up – in landfills where decomposition releases greenhouse gasses. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons behind this 40 percent, the consequences of this monumental waste, and finally, what can be done to mitigate the social, economic and environmental damage that’s being caused.
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Accelerated composting system gets successful trial in Provincetown

By Lynda Sturner

PROVINCETOWN — One local business owner is leading the way at helping to make Provincetown more eco-friendly.

Turns out, Ben deRuyter, co-owner of Whaler’s Wharf, the Aquarium Marketplace and the Art House, was the first person in New England to install a relatively new product called Ecovim, an onsite composting system to handle the food waste generated by the nine restaurants in his buildings. DeRuyter said it has been “an exciting experiment” that has indeed “proved itself out over the course of the summer.” Read more ›

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SNHU Uses Composter to Reduce Food Waste

August, 2014 — Business NH Magazine

When you are producing 2,100 meals daily, any reduction in food waste is a big deal. That’s why Southern NH University in Manchester invested in an Ecovim machine, a dehydration machine that reduces food waste to compost using high heat.  The school purchased the machine from Integrated Veterans Services LLC (IVS), a New Ipswich company that has sold 30 of the machines and is presently the largest dealer in the country. Read more ›

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